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Lady Rose the Artist - set gm-2f88

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Lady Rose the Artist

Lady Rose makes a spectacular artwork of herself!

Lady Rose is quite the artistic type, and today she's decided she wants to create an artwork involving custard, treacle, and golden syrup, and featuring herself and her artist outfit as the canvas.

She dresses in a simple artist style, wearing a pinstriped grey and dark blue artists smock, belted at the waist with an elastic nurses belt in dark blue, over shiny black leggings and lace-up black plimsolls, and using the dungeon as her studio, she sets about herself with enthusiasm.

Custard over her left shoulder comes first, soon followed by custard and syrup filling the front of her smock. She keeps pouring custard in until we get to see it escaping down her legs at the front.

Highlights of the scene include Rose sitting down in the pool of gunge on the dungeon floor, clothes filling of her smock front and back, detailed pocked filling, very careful gunging of her smock and leggings including lots of her rubbing the gunge in, and then finally, as the piece-de-resistance, she very carefully and thoroughly gunges her lovely hair with lots and lots of thick black treacle!

Our dungeonmaster thinks she could be in with a shot for the Turner Prize with this performance, what do you think? Study it and enjoy Rose's artistry to the full!