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Brideslimer! - set gm-2g001

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Something old, something new, something borrowed, something green!

Red-hared Rosemary makes a stunning sight in her beautiful clean white bridal gown, but Felicity, her own blonde locks beautifully set off by her own deep red formal dress, thinks there is just one thing missing. GREEN SLIME!!!

Rosemary lies back in the dungeon's tin bath, relaxing for a moment, when Felicity strikes, a full bucket of thick green gunge dumped straight into Rosemary's middle, drenching the beautiful wedding dress in a tide of green all over her front and down between her legs, pressing the skirt of the dress down as it flows. For just a moment Rosemary is outraged, but then she starts to feel the lovely wetness of the gunge coming through her dress, and just gives herself to the moment, enjoying the sensations as Felicity brings another bucket and continues the green slime destruction of Rosemary's dress.

Eventually they swap places, Felicity settling back into the green slime bath in her still clean red dress, and letting Rosemary gunge her just as completely as she has already gunged the bride.

By the end of the scene, both girls are totally drenched in green slime from head to toe, including full hair and face coverage, shoes and boots filled, and their dresses completely covered front and back, top to bottom.

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