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Sportswear Sploshing in Running Pants - set gm-2g037

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Sportswear Sploshing in Running Pants

Friday and Felicity totally gunge each other

Dressed in identical skin tight black 'Karrimor' running trousers (yoga pants, basically), black Converse-style basketball boots, and thin spandex running tops, and with black swimsuits underneath as underwear, Friday and Fidelity have arranged a bit of a multicoloured gunge session in the dungeon.

Friday arrives first, and finds that everything is already set up, including a tray filled with gunge for someone to sit in. So she takes advantage of being early and choses the clean seat instead, meaning Felicity will need to take the wet seat. Except Felicity challenges her to a game of scissors-paper-stone, and Friday loses. So up she gets, Felicity takes the clean seat, and Friday's beautiful tight black leggings are settling into the warm wet gooieness, covering her bottom in yellow and blue gunge, and the wetness soaking through her pants to her swimsuit beneath. Squelchy!

Their game commences, and Friday loses again, getting two pints of pink gunge poured into the front of her running pants, from where it soaks through both legs as it runs down inside. However before long it's Felicity's turn to lose a round, and her shoes are soon filled with gunge, which she then has to slide her clean bare feet back into.

Back and forth the gungings go, both girls have their running pants and running tops well filled with goo, feet are placed in buckets and thoroughly covered, multicoloured gloop is lavishly slathered all over each other's outfits, and ultimately their hair gets drenched in gunge too.

Right at the end they ask the dungeonmaster if he'll finish them both off with the last bucket of gunge, they sit together and the boilersuited dungeonmaster enters the scene, picks up the remaining bucket, and pours the contents over both girls' heads and faces, covering them in greeny-blue glop, before declaring them both green.

Technical: This is an all-girl scene until the last minute, when the dungeonmaster walks into the scene, gunges them both, and then vanishes. As well as the clean-to-gunge video you also get a separate video of them hosing each other down, during which they both strip to their wet swimsuits. There is also a high resolution photoset.