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Rainwear Gunge & Cutting Fun - set gm-2g038

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Rainwear Gunge & Cutting Fun

Friday has her rainsuit gunged then cut off by Felicity

Friday is happily looking forward to being gunged by Felicity, knowing her navy blue rainwear suit of jacket and trousers, with the hood done tightly up around her face, will protect her completely from even a trace of messiness. She gets completely covered in red and yellow gunge, while staying all nice and dry inside her rainsuit.

Then Felicity produces a pair of scissors, and Friday realises she won't be staying dry, or indeed inside her rainsuit, for much longer.

First Felicity slices Friday's waterproof jacket into a series of narrow strips from the lower edge to chest level, then she cuts the strips off completely. Friday's sleeves are sliced open and then cut off, and the zip front of the jacket is also sliced away, leaving Friday wearing a short water proof bolero, but retaining her hood.

Next Friday's waterproof trousers are destroyed, Felicity slices the legs open and removes them, leaving Friday in a pair of waterproof shorts, which are then filled with gunge, putting an end to Friday's clean and dry sportswear which the waterproofs were protecting. Felicity totally drenches Friday's now exposed clothes in gunge, including taking the waterproof bolero and hood off her, "washing" it in a bucket of gunge, and putting it back on her, completely gooey inside and out.

Up till now, Felicity, who's wearing sports trousers and a running top, has remained mostly clean, but of course fairness is a watchword here at Saturation Hall, so she now submits to Friday's revenge, which she takes in style, and Felicity's clothes get well filled, and then she has a bucket of gunge poured over her, as does Friday.

Two very messy ladies and a lot of clothes cutting fun!