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Eggcellent Overalls with Maude and Rosemary - set gm-3f009

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Eggcellent Overalls with Maude and Rosemary

Delicious savoury clothes filling fun in overalls and boilersuit

Maude and Rosemary have met up in the dungeon for some very gloopy clothes filling fun. Maude wears black dungaree shorts, by Killstar, over a black swimsuit with purple and black stripy knee-high socks and black ankle boots. The outfit was actually bought for Rosemary, but fitted Maude perfectly, so she gets to be the first to get messy in it. Rosemary wears a "Work Kit Girl" women's boilersuit in black with pink stitching, also over a black swimsuit, with wellies. Both outfits are brand new, and both girls are really looking forward to just how messy they're each going to get.

Eggs come first. Pre-prepared glasses with varying numbers of raw eggs are carefully tipped into pockets and then down inside their lovely outfits, followed by tomato soup too. At first they treat each other to small and measured amounts, enjoying seeing how the mixtures start to gently seep through and stain down, but then adding larger amounts, and adding cream and custard to the mix too.

Rosemary has her swimsuit filled under her boilersuit, and comments enthusiastucally about just how sensuous things get between her legs as he mixed mess accumulates in the swimsuit and then starts to leak out down the inside of the boilersuit, leaking through and staining down the outside of her legs as it goes.

Carefully at first, and then with ever more mess, they completely destroy each other's cloths with mixed mess, and then once they are totally drenched in gloop they set about each other's hair too. By the end of the scene, both girls are utterly drenched in mess.

There's a lot of sensation play and commenting in this one, both girls reacting and describing how things feel as they pour the first eggs into each other's pockets and they start to seep and drip down inside. Further into the scene, after all of Rosemary's pockets have been filled, the front of her jumpsuit is partially unzipped and Maude pours a lot of custard into the swimsuit Rosemary's wearing underneath it. Rosemary then enthusiastically describes how the gloop is collecting and leaking betwen her legs, and the wonderful sensations its giving her as it does so. They both give running commentaries on how things feel as they steadily get messier, and where the various substances have reached. It's a joy to listen to, as well as watching.