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Blue Boilersuit Custard Solo - set gm-3f012

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Blue Boilersuit Custard Solo

Lucia tackles a solo custard gunging in a brand new boilersuit and wellies

Having very impressed her ladyship with her first solo in a designer red dress, Lucia now tackles self-custardisation in something more traditional for our estate, a brand new blue boilersuit and green dunlop wellies.

She starts with Devon Dream, pouring four full pots down inside the front of her suit - well technically thre and a half as she drinks a fair bit of the last one, it is very tasty. Gradually the wetness comes through in ever-growing stains as she pours more and more in, she wiggles and dances for the camera, and gives a running comentary of just where its reached and how it feels, rather enhjoying the sensations as it gathers in the crotch of the suit and then flows down both legs into ber boots, which begin to squelch slightly as she moves around.

Custard follow the Devon Dream, lots and lots of it, first poured inside and then poured and carefully spread all over her clothes, including a tray-sit and plenty of wiggling. She covers her suit completely, front and back, and leaves not a single stich clean, including thorough coverage below and between her legs.

Once the suit is utterly drenched in cream and custard, she then finishes herself off with a very thorough custard shampoo, and a full face pour too.

Lucia likes to be messy!