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Sportspies! With Chastity and Fidelity - set gm-3f019

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Sportspies! With Chastity and Fidelity

Dressed in tracksuits and trainers, clothes filling and custard pies help our girls' workout

Chastity has returned to Saturation Hall, and brought her friend and colleague Fidelity with her. And is now going to demonstrate one of our traditional custard-assisted workout routines. Both girls are dressed in sportswear, a navy blue Champion tracksuit for Fidelity, while Chastity wears skin tight grey running pants and light jacket, in both cases over sports bra crop tops.

They start some exercises, and then Chastity starts to pour custard and cream down inside the front of Fidelity's tracksuit trousers. Of course fair is fair and soon Chastity is having sweet yellow mess poured down inside her running pants, they grey soon showing the stains beautifully as the wet gloopiness flows down inside.

Once they've both had their trousers and sports bras filled, it's time to get more adventurous, and custard pies are called into play! They each take multiple face hits, there are crotch hits too.

By the end of the scene, both girls are totally drenched in slippery, soggy wetness, covered and soaked in custard and cream. Fidelity even has the hood of her jacket filled and then plonked onto her head. Total hair coverage too, and their faces well coated from the pies.

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