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Sub Fidelity Messes Her Mistress - set gm-3f021

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Sub Fidelity Messes Her Mistress

Fidelity is allowed to get her own back on Chastity

Regular viewers may remember that back in scene gm-3f020, Mistress Chastity, in a rather fetching lace-up-back PVC catsuit, chained her sub Fidelity up in the middle of the dungeon and mercilessly messed her up. Well of course in this house there are rules of fairness, and no-one wants to tempt the fates too much. So now, Mistress Chastity, still dressed in her clean PVC from the previous scene, is going to get rarther messy herself, as Fidelity decides to teach her all about custard pies.

Though in a generous spirit, Fidelity, who's changed into a very nice skin tight spandex bodycon dress, and clean boots, is going to allow Chastity to give as good as she gets, so Fidelity is in for another drenching in goo, too.

What follows is a lovely little session in which they both fill each other's outfits with cream and custard, before indulging in some fairly hard-impact flannage, really slamming some paper bowl custyard pies into each other's faces, butts, and elsewhere too.

Both girls end up totally drenched in mess from head to foot.