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Red Shorts Mess Test - set gm-3f027

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Red Shorts Mess Test

Maude and Honeysuckle in shiny red shorts mayhem

Dressed in identical red shiny satin sports shorts, matching red and white Adidas t-shirts, with knee-high whits sports socks, and Converse-style basketball boots, Maude and Honeysuckle are going to put each other to the mixed mess test!

Maude takes the first messing, starting with her socks and shoes, which Honeysuckle, herself staying pristine and clean - at least for now - happily fills covers in custard and spaghetti rings. Next comes shorts filling, and Maude's lovely red satin shorts are soon wet through with mess, filled with sweet and savoury gloop, the front of her shirt stained and wet and the residue flowing down her legs to add to the mess all over her socks and shoes. Maude's shirt is fully messed up next, completely drenched in gloopy slop while Honeysuckle finishes the job off by giving Maude a total custard and cream shampoo and face-wash, leaving her utterly drenched in mess.

Throughout all of this Honeysuckle's own outfit has remained pristine, clean, and dry, while all the time she's been gloating at all the terrible things she's been doing to Maude. Needless to say though, this situation can't be allowed to remain, and so a grinning and very messy Maude gets her own back, Honeysuckle meekly accepting her fate as her own outfit starts to suffer.

Maude begins her revenge by filling Honeysuckle's shorts with soup, which soaks them and floods down her legs to wreck her socks and shoes too. Honeysuckle's shirt soon follows her shorts into messy ruin, and needless to say Honysuckle's beautiful long black hair doesn't escape for long either. A full and very thorough custstard shampooing, and creamy face covering, finish the job off.

Both girls end up utterly drenched in mixed mess from head to toe, shorts engulfed, shirts soaked, shoes and socks totally messed, and their hair reduced to custard-soaked ruin.

It's a good thing these two like to get messy!