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Festival Food Fun - set gm-3f030

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Festival Food Fun

Miss Abigail and Fidelity fill each other's festival outfits with food

Dressed in two different summer festival outfits, complete with the de rigueur Hunter wellies, Miss Abigail and Fidelity put each other to the mess test.

Miss Abigail wears forest green American Apparel disco pants and a black sporty crop-top, and shiny green Hunter wellies. Fidelity wears blue denim shortalls over a white t-shirt, bare legs, and shiny black Hunter wellies. Before the messing starts, they agree that Fidelity's outfit could do with improvement, so Miss Abigail takes a pair of scissors and sets about Fidelity's t-shirt, slicing off the bottom third to make it a crop-top, and then cutting a 'V' neck into it too. After which Fidelity does her dungarees back up over it, and the mess commences!

They start with clothes filling, cream and custard poured into each other's outfits, Miss Abigail's disco pants showing leak-through from the first pour, while Fidelity's denim outfit resists show-through at first. though leaking mess is soon dripping down her legs. They add more and more mess, and before long both girls are almost unrecognisable under all the gloop filling and covering their clothes. Boots are taken off, filled with slop, and put back on, trays and cakes are sat in, and they pour mess over each other's heads too.

As well as the main messy scene, there's also a full hosedown on photos and video.