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Black PVC and Green Gunge - set gm-3g006

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  • gm-3g006-v1 (15 minutes, 11 seconds)
  • gm-3g006-v2 (06 minutes, 22 seconds)

Black PVC and Green Gunge

Fidelity gives herself a solo green glooping

Fidelity, dressed in sexy black PVC dungarees over a bikini, and wellies, gives herself a lovely solo drenching in green gunge in the dungeon. She sits in a tray, and finds the gloop coats her PVC outfit quite nicely, then thoroughly fills and covers her PVC overalls with gunge, and gives herself a full green gunge shampoo and facial too.

Filmed during the High Summer of the year of the Great Pestilence, hence an unusual, by then, solo dungeon scene.