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Adidas Custard Tracksuits - set gm-4f006

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Adidas Custard Tracksuits

Honeysuckle and Miss Abigail in clothes filling fun!

Take two pretty wenches, identically dressed in country estate casual style, black Adidas tracksuits over white t-shirts, with black wellies, give them copious amounts of custard and syrup to play with, and this is what you get!

Watch and enjoy as our two beauties take turns filling and covering each other's clothes in all manner of sweet gloop. Miss Abigail has her track pants filled first, but soon gets her own back even as the custard is flowing down between her legs, as she fills the tray Honeysuckle is sitting in with custard, which soon coats her own tracksuit trouser in a tide of yellow.

WHat follows is a delicious tit-for-tat messing as, turn and turn about, they carefully destroy each other with lashings of delicious custard.

By the end of the scene they are both mess-drenched from head to toe, complete with full custard shampoos for both of them.

Technical: There's a separate hosedown hairwash video of how they got clean again afterwards, and a small photoset.

Yellow custard and black Adidas sportswear. It's like they were made for each other!

Mini-trailer included below - note members videos are full size.