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Shiny shorts & swimsuit! - set gm-4f025

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Shiny shorts & swimsuit!

Lady Jennifer gives herself the treatment

Purple-haired and gorgeous, Lady Jennifer is dressed for a messing. The core of her outfit is a lovely black and blue one-piece swimsuit, perfect for filling, over which she's pulled on a pair of bright blue shiny sports shorts, she has lace-up Converse plimsolls on her sockless feet, and to finish off, a black three-stripes Adidas tracksuit jacket.

Ready in the dungeon are assorted cans and cartons of custard, and she'll not be staying clean for long!

She starts by removing her tracksuit jacket, draping it, inside-up, over a tray on a stool, and pouring custard on to make a pool on the upturned inside of the jacket. And knowing full well just how cold that's going to feel when she puts it back on: though not yet.

Next, she slips her shiny shorts off, turns them inside-out, and lays them down on the pool of custard on her jacket, and then pours another can of custard onto the top of the shorts.

Now, she's wearing just her swimsuit and shoes. Time for a filling! Cold custard, a can first, then a carton, gets poured into the front of her swimsuit, and we get to see it moving lower inside via the wetting-through of the front, until it all collects deliciously between her legs, and starts to leak out.

She lets the swimsuit "develop" for a few minutes while she pours more custard in at the back, until there's a veritable flood flowing down her legs and the suit's crotch has entirely soaked through, and then she decides it's time to put her shorts back on. She picks them up, already now well covered front and back inside, she turns them back right way round, dips the outsides in the custard pool, and then pulls them on, squeaking with cold as she pulls the custard-soaked shorts up her long shapely legs, and pulling them tight over the filled and dripping swimsuit. All the squidge!

Next she sits down in the pool of custard in her jacket, takes her shoes off, fills them, and slips them back on, custard squirting out of the side eyelets as her bare feet slither inside.

She puts her jacket back on, lets us see how the lake of custard has soaked through it, and then pours more custard on, and then to finish off, she gives herself a delicious custard shampoo, and a final full custard pour facial.

Now that's what we call messy!

The scene also incudes the wash-off hose-down, which starts with Lady Jennifer still completely covered with a facefull of custard.