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Three Girls All In White - set gm-4f041

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Three Girls All In White

Honeysuckle, Friday, and Maude, destroy each other in gleaming white outfits!

Imagine, three of our people, all dressed in gleaminmg white outfits, in the dungeon together, with a delicious supply of sweet mess to hand, but they've been told they all have to stay spotlessly clean for the grand reception in the house later today. And then Friday can't remember if she shut the great hall doors or not so nips back upstairs to check. Do you think the other two might be tempted to prepare a tray with custard and chocolate sauce? And do you think that Friday, on her return, might just happily sit down without checking, and suddenly find the seat of her spotless white trousers engulfed in gloopy creamy mess?

What happened next will shock you! Or possibly not. :)

Honeysuckle wears: A while knee-length pencil skirt, a gleaming white satin blouse with a bow, and cute little pumps.

Fiday wears: Tight white jeans, white polo shirt, and dark blue tall glossy Hunter wellies.

Maude wears: White jeans, high neck white satin blouse, and lilac lace-up plimsolls.

Needless to say, no-one got out of this clean!

Following on from Friday's beautiful custard-tray-sitting, there is a lot of clothes filling, Maude has her jeans comprehensively filled with chocolate sauce and custard, while Friday has her polo shirt thoroughly flooded with chocolate sauce and golden syrup, which flows down and into her tight jeans and becomes nice and visible through the material as it flows down inside. Initially Honeysuckle escapes any consequences as she hands things to Maude and Friday to wreck each other's outfits with - but eventually they realise what's happening, and Honeysuckle's skirt and blouse are soon getting the treatment too.

At one point Honeysuckle has her lovely pumps taken off, filled with gloop, and has to put them back on her bare feet.

Hair and faces don't escape the messings, and by the end of the scene, all three of our beauties are utterly drenched in mess from head to toe, clothes both filled and covered and not a stitch left clean, hair fully shampooed in gloop, and facial pours to finish.

These three really like the mess!

Technical: The main messy scene is 40 minutes long, and then there's a separate hose-down video too, plus a detailed high resolution photoset.


Mini-trailer included below - note members videos are full size.