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Shiny Shorts and PVC Shorts! - set gm-4f049

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Shiny Shorts and PVC Shorts!

Honeysuckle and Charity in custardy sports shorts

Honeysuckle and Charity are dressed in shiny sports shorts sent in by a customer, worn over swimsuits, they're going to test the shorts for wearing in mess, and they are both going to get very, very messy.

Honeysuckle wears black satin sorts with red trip over a black halterneck swimsuit, while Charity wears silver PVC shorts with red trim over a black swimsuit with white and red detail, and both are barefoot with nicely painted toenails.

Initially, Charity is seated, sitting in one of our silver trays, clean and dry to start with of course, while Honeysuckle stands next to her. Honeysuckle starts by pouring a full can of custard inside Charity's shorts, but then she hands a full can to Charity, who pours out handfuils and spreads them all over Honeysuckle's shorts, including underneath, while the custard from inside Charity's own shorts leaks out and collects in the tray she's sitting in.

Back and forth the happy and willing messings go, each girl calmly allowing the other to apply more and more mess to herself before getting her own back in the next turn, until they are both utterly covered in custard from head to toe.

They fill each other's shorts and swimsuits, slather custard all over each other, and give each other full custard shampoos and facials.

Mini-trailer included below - note members videos are full size.