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Judgement on Miss Abigail - set gm-4f056

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Judgement on Miss Abigail

No-one's getting out of this clean!

Judgement day!

It has come to the household's attention that someone has been making merry with Lady Jasmine's special stash of pink custard. To the point that only one carton remains! At the same time, there are rumours that someone - Miss Abigail - was seen cavorting naked in the dungeon!

Clearly this will never do, so there needs to be a judgement. A very messy judgement. Which Miss Abigail is going to receive in a spotless, pristine, brilliant white outfit - which won't be staying either pristine or white for very much longer.

But, of course our house rules are that all messings have to be equal, so we can't have a judge just pouring mess all over Miss Abigail while remaining clean, but at the same point it's not much of a punishment if Miss Abigail gets to mess the judge up. How to resolve this? We have two judges. Who will take turns to mess each other up in between delivering Miss Abigail's punishment. So all three get very messy, but only the two judges actually deliver any mess.

Our judges this time are Lucia and Charity, and they dress nearly identically in green disco pants over dance leotards, with Hunter wellies, and lightweight Adidas zip jackets. Lucia's leotard is black and her jacket green, Charity's leotard is blue and so is her jacket.

Miss Abigail wears stunning white jodhpurs, a white silky blouse with a tie front and keyhole back neckline, white socks, and little white booties. Beneath her white clothes she wears black panties and a black bra top.

The judges commence the proceedings by filling each other's disco pants with custard, which soon shows through while also soaking through their leotards and squelching around as they move, before summoning the prisoner. Who seems strangely happy with her predicament, pleads very, very guilty, and happily accepts while the first of lots of syrup and chocolate sauce are poured inside her beautiful white jodhpurs.

By the end of the scene all three girls have been reduced to sticky and mess-drenched ruin, hair custard shampooed, clothes thoroughly filled and covered, and boots full of goo.

There's a separare hosedown video, and a photoset which focuses on the first half of the scene, as the girls go from clean to very messy.