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PVC Catsuits and Custard - set gm-4f061

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PVC Catsuits and Custard

Maude and Charity in a vinyl custard frenzy!

Darkness is gathering over Langstonedale Chase as Autumn runs towards Winter, the outdoor play season is over for another year, and our lovely messy wenches take to the hall's dungeon once more for for their messy fun fix. Which in this case features Maude and Charity, dressed in stunning black vinyl catsuits worn with no underwear, and very nice high boots, utterly drenching each other in lashings of custard!

Some filling first of course, and soon they both have lovely yellow gloop slithering and sliding its way down inside their catsuits, wet and slippery against their skin. And then they set about each other on the outside too, and before long both are reduced to happy, custard-soaked ruin.

Needless to say, full custard shampoos of their gorgeous coloured hair, Maude's stunning electric blue and Chariry's lovely bright pink, plus face pours too.

These girls like to get gloopy!

Mini-trailer included below - note members videos are full size.