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The Thirteen Actions 2024 - set gm-4f068

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The Thirteen Actions 2024

Kjirsten and Honeysuckle play a messy card game

Honeysuckle originally came to the Hall as one of our artists-in-residence, but over her time here she has taught herself all manner of practical handworking skills, and become sufficiently profficient that we've now taken her on as the Hall's official handyman. Which of course means a nice new uniform. Which of course needs to be mess-tested. At the same time, Kjirsten has a lovely new manager's outfit, whick likewise needs to be properly given the treatment. Card game ahoy!

Honeysuckle is dressed for practical work, wearing a black shirt tucked into grey and black worker's trousers, with a rubberised jacket, and practical combat boots.

Kjirsten is dressed for smartness, in a long satin finish skirt with a slit at the front, over black tights, with a smart red shirt and textured suit jacket, and smart velvet finish low-heeled shoes.

They have a deck of cards with just two suits, clubs for Honeysuckle and Hearts for Kjirsten, and each card drawn results in a specific action, from the aces, which result in underwear filling, to the kings, which results in a pour over the recipient's head. So, both girls know they're going to suffer all 13 actions, but only the cards know who is next to suffer, and what their messy fate will be.

Let the game commence!