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Back In The Dungeon! - set gm-4g001

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Back In The Dungeon!

Honeysuckle gets very gungey

Dressed in a vert smart two-piece formal suit of spaghetti-strap jumpsuit and matching zip-front jacket, in dark grey with a stylish geometric print, and tight-fitting, high heeled, black suede thighboots, Honeysuckle returns to the Saturation Hall dungeon for the first time since the great plague of 2020! She has two full buckets of gunge, one pink and one yellow, we're shooting the scene on our brand new 4k video camera, although to keep the file sizes sane we're still releasing in Full-HD for now.

She starts with clothes filling, unzipping her jacket and pouring full pint glasses of gunge down inside her suit, where we can clearly see the material moving and flowing as the warm gooey wetness flows down inside, collects in sensitive places, and then flows on down her legs and inside her wonderful boots.

By the end of the scene, she is totally covered and soaked in mess, features include lots of filling, slow and delibarate covering and filling of her boots, eventually including putting a booted foot in each bucket of gunge, taking her jacket off and thoroughly "washing" it in yellow gunge before putting it back on, very thorough and careful gunge shampooing of her beautiful long black hair, and finally pouring a bucket of gunge over herself and wearing the bucket.

Saturation Hall is back in business!