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Gungetank Time! - set gm-4g003

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Gungetank Time!

Honeysuckle and Miss Abigail play to decide the victim

Honeysuckle and Miss Abigail, in smart skirted business suits, tights, and ankle boots, go head to head to decide just who will be the first victim of the brand new Saturation Hall gunge tank!

Miss Abigail is on one of ous standard staff uniform navy blue business suits, jacket and skirt, with dark blue tights and black ankle boots. Honeysuckle is looking even smarter, donning a black pinstripe pencil skirt and jacket, with tights and boots. Both girls are convinced the other is going in the tank, but before anyone can be gunged, it needs to be fully loaded with three large buckets of bright orange gunge. There isn't enough clearance to pour the buckets directly into the tank, so the two girls have to work together using jugs to fill it, with lots of friendly banter about how nice each other's outfits will look, deluged in gallons of orange goo.

Once the tank is filled, they challenge each other to a "best of seven" game of Scissors-Paper-Stone, which means the first to four wins, wins, and the loser is going in the tank!

As an experiment, we're not revealing who gets glooped in the previews of this one, but can confirm that one of the two girls does indeed go in the tank, and before she does so, she also has her pants under her skirt nicely filled with gloop, and is made to sit in a tray of gunge in the tank before the cable is pulled. Then, after the deluge has mostly stopped, a fourth bucket of gunge is produced, and our victim has her boots and hose-clad legs thoroughly slathered with gunge, and her jacket, which she took off previously, dropped into the bucket and "washed" in gloop, after which she has to put it on, ensuring any areas of her shirt and skirt that escaped the initial deluge now get completely covered.

As with all Saturation Hall scenes, our victim ends up drenched in gunge from head to toe. But which of our plucky gungemaidens got the gloop? Join the site to find out!

Gunge tank sponsored by MessyMayhem.com, who tend to gunge rather less-dressed girls than we do. If you want to see some very pretty naked ladies getting gunged in the same tank, check out their site!