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Miss Abigail Takes the Tank - set gm-4g004

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Miss Abigail Takes the Tank

Business attire about to be seriously un-smartened by orange gloop!

Regular viewers may remember that last month Honeysuckle and Miss Abigail played a game to decide who got the gungetank and who got away clean. Well now we can reveal it was Honeysuckle who took the deluge of lurid orange gloop all over her lovely pinstriope business suit. But in this house we have rules of fairness, which must be followed. And so once Honeysuckle had washed herself off and headed back upstairs, Miss Abigail, still dressed in her pristine and spotless navy blue suit, blue tights, and boots, sets about refilling the tank, and then taking her own place on the seat, and unleashing the deluge.

Needless to say, she got very, very, messy!

Sequence: Gunge-tanks, by their nature, are quick devices, while we've always believed in providing good-length scenes, so the full sequence of this video is:
  1. Miss Abigail takes her jacket off, lays it, inside-up, on the tank seat.
  2. She then fills the tank itself using a large jug, so we see her bending down to fill the jug, then stretching up to empty it into the tank, in her business skirt and shirt.
  3. She takes her place in the tank, sitting on her jacket, and pulls the cord. The gunge drops and she gets well covered incuding having her head and face completely engulfed.
  4. She takes her jacket, messy inside but clean outside, from the seat and puts it back on.
  5. She puts the gunge tank plug back in, a valve is opened, and the tank starts to refill with water.
  6. She sits back down in the tank, pulls round a spare full bucket of gunge, and dips both feet in it, covering her boots, and uses her hands to slather it all over her tights.
  7. She uses the jug to pour more gunge all over her jacket.
  8. She takes the jacket back off and submerges it in the bucket of gunge, leaving it in there for the next few minutes.
  9. She uses the jug to pour gunge inside her pants under her skirt.
  10. She takes her gunge-drenched jacket out of the bucket and puts it back on.
  11. She sits back in the gunge tank, lifts the bucket, and puts it over her head, pouring the remaining gunge all over herself in the process.
  12. The tank has now refilled with gungey water, so she pulls the cord again and gets totally drenched, with some considerable force, by fifteen gallons of water in a massive deluge.
  13. She replaces the tank plug again, removes her jacket again and discards it, and thoroughly shampoos her hair with lots of lather.
  14. Once the tank is full again, she pulls the plug for the final time and gets another fifteen gallon full force deluge. Technical: With this scene you get two videos, the full length one with all the actions as listed above, and also "just the pours" which features just the gunge deluge and water deluges that followed.