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Miss Abigail's Sporty Gungetank - set gm-4g005

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Miss Abigail's Sporty Gungetank

Honeysuckle gets her revenge, or so she thinks...

On a previous occasion, Honeysuckle was gunged by Miss Abigail, who remained all nice and clean and dry during the event. So Honeysuckle believes that by the House Rules of fairness, Miss Abigail must submit to a gunge tanking of her own, at Honeysuckle's pleasure.

Both girls are dressed for sport, Miss Abigail in a lovely dark purple running outfit, and Honeysuckle in black shiny shorts, white t-shirt, and a red Adidas tracksuit jacket.

Miss Abigail happily submits to her gunge tanking, and gets utterly drenched in gunge, and then several times in water.

But then, right at the end, Miss Abigail reveals that in fact, she had already gunged herself to maintain the balance. And now Honeysuckle has gunged her a second time. So in a future scene, Honeysuckle, in her lovely shiny shorts and branded tracksuit jacket, will be taking her own place in the tank once more. But meanwhile, we get to enjoy what happens to Miss Abigail, who doesn't seem to mind in the least as her entire skin-tight running outfit, hair, and skin, are dfrenched in green goo.

Technical: Miss Abigail gets very thoroughly gunged, including having her tight running pants filled front and back before she takes her seat in the tank, then being thoroughly finished off with an extra bucket of gunge once the tank has emptied. Then Miss Abigail takes several full tankings of water, including shampoo hairwash assisted by Honeysuckle, before the end of the scene.