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Smart Office Blue Goo

Ladies who Gunge

Maude and Miss Abigail had planned to head out to the mudbanks on this mid-July day, but the washout summer of 2023 had other ideas, so with the temperature outside barely making sixteen degrees, and endless rain sweeping across all of the North, they instead decided to have some gunge fun in the dungeon.

Both girls chose their own outfits for this scene, and both came up with brilliant looks to get messy in.

Miss Abigail chose a lovely pink with black pinstripes halterneck dress, donated to us recently by Honeysuckle, the dress falls to just above the knee and has black lacing in the back, and crossover straps from the halterneck. She teamed the dress with black tights, worn without underwear, and cute pink pumps to match the dress.

Maude also wears an above-the-knee dress, in her case a black satin party dress, also worn with black tights, and black patent leather high-heeled shoes with front straps. Over the dress she wears a see-through loose black shirt, with white polkadots and a white collar.

They have four full buckets of blue gunge to play with, and no intention of staying clean!

Having introduced themselves as "the ladies who gunge", they get straight down to business, as Maude pours a cup of blue gunge into the front of Miss Abigail's dress, and then Miss Abigail has Maude put her feet, one at a time, up into a tray on her seat, and covers her heeled shoes in gloop, leaving a pool of gunge in the tray. Which Maude then sits in to cover the seat of her dress.

They keep on taking turns to mess each other up a bit more each time. At one point Miss Abigail takes Maude's see-through shirt off her, and drops it into a bucket of gunge, she then fills the front of Maude's now-clearly-revealed dress, before a bit later on, making Maude put the completely gunge-drenched shirt back on. Later still, Maude takes the shirt off again, adds even more gunge, and makes Miss Abigil put it on over her by now completely gunge-drenched dress.

By the end of the scene they're both completely and utterly drenched in gunge, Miss Abigail has had her dress pulled up and her tights well filled with gloop, while Maude's tights get totally drenched via lots of dress-filling, where we can clearly see the gloop emerging bertween her legs under the short skirted outfit.

Both girls are totally up for a proper messing, with no hesitation or shyness about showing us what's happening as the gunge flows over and inside their clothes. At the end of the scene, they both receive thorough gunge shampoos and facials.

Mini-trailer included below - note members videos are full size.