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White Playsuit Gunge Fun

Maude and Miss Abigail decorate each other's very sexy outfits

Maude and Miss Abigail have some gorgeous, and very sexy, white playsuits for the coming festival season. But of course nothing can be worn in these parts unless it's been thoroughly tested. Which is why they also have full buckets of pink and blue gunge, and are about to have a brilliant time totally drenching each other in technicolour gloop!

Miss Abigail's cute pinstripe suit is the first to feel the gunge, pink and blue happily poured in at the cleavage and soon nicve and visible as it collects below the waistline and soaks through from within. And then it's Maude's turn and her pretty patterned white suit also starts to drip and leak as it's well filled with gunge.

By the end of the scene both girls are happily reduced to gunge-drenched messes, playsuits, bare legs, hair, and faces completely drenched in gloop.

Towards the end they both do full head-dunks into buckets of gunge, too!

Happy, wet, and very very messy. Just how we like things at Saturation Hall.

Mini-trailer included below - note members videos are full size.