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Gunge Club

Maude and Miss Abigail get gloopy in PVC

Dressed in gorgeous PVC clubbing outfits, with Maude in black PVC jeans and a pink and black PVC top, while Miss Abigail wears very sexy gold PVC hot-pants and a black bra-top, our two clubbing beauties utterly drench each other in lashings of fresh gunge!

Miss Abigail's hotpants get well filled, as do her boots, while Maude has her jeand and top filled and covered, and is also made to stand in buckets of gunge in her heeled shoes.

Both girls end up completely drenched in gunge including full hair and face coverage as well as their entire outfits and footwear being drenched in it.

The first rule of Gunge Club is lots and lots of gunge!