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Black Spandex Hairwash - set gm-4h002

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  • gm-4h002-v1 (10 minutes, 22 seconds)

Black Spandex Hairwash

Maude hoses down, first in tracksuit then down to spandex two-piece

Maude returns to the dungeon after a day on the mudbanks, dressed in a black Adidas tracksuit and green wellies, worn over a spandex two-piece shorts and zip-top swimsuit. She thoroughly soaks herself, putting the hose down the front of her tracksuit trousers and then the back of her jacket, from where the water cascades over her bottom and down her trouser legs. She fills her wellies and then empties their contents over herseld, and soaks her tracksuit completely.

Then, she takes first her tracksuit jacket, and then her tracksuit pants, off, revealing the very sexy spandex two piece swimwear she's wearing underneath, tight black shorts and a zip-front long-sleeve top. She continues to drench herself completely, including her bare feet and her hair, and then gives herself a lavish shampoo, with lashings of foam flooding down her back and over her tight shorts as she rinses the shampoo off.

This is a bonus extra scene for Saturation Hall and Langstonedale members, for the 5th week in January 2024, though released in February.