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Double Denim Oil Drench - set gm-4o002

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Double Denim Oil Drench

Charoty and Fidelity take a fully clothed oil bath

Oil drenching time at Saturation Hall! This was one of several scenes on Charity's first ever visit, and was also Fidelity's first oil scene, so effectively two oil virgins!

Both are dressed in blue jeans, dark blue t-shirts, and blue wellies, Charity has a short pale denim jacket over the top, while Fidelity wears a long denim coat over her other clothes. And they are both going to get utterly drenched in glorious golden cooking oil.

First, Charity has her jeans filled, then Fidelity sits in a tray, soaking the back of her coat before swinging it to the side so we can see how mmuch got through to her jeans - which then also get filled. Back and forth they go, getting oilier and oilier, until they are both glistening oil-drenched wenches from head to toes.

Both girls receive full oil shampoos and facials.

Charity and Fidelity both like the oil!

Mini-trailer included below - note members videos are full size.