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The Custard Nurse - set gm-f001

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The Custard Nurse

Uniform testing: Just how will this pale blue nurses uniform cope with a complete deluge of custard?

  • Pale blue nurses uniform tunic and trousers
  • White nurses belt
  • White canvas shoes

These days, simply being lady of the manor isn't enough to keep a girl in Range Rovers, so Lady Jasmine has started her own business as a garment and fabric testing specialist. Which means she gets paid to gunge outfits, and write reports on how they perform. Talk about making a hobby into a living!

On this occasion, we see her hard at work in the dungeon, putting a brand new nurses outfit through a full-saturation custard test. First she checks for wearer comfort while sitting down and standing up again, first dry, and then in a tray full of custard. Next she pours some inside her tunic to test the elastic belt for leak resistance, and then she performs a full saturation test on the entire outfit, slowly covering herself in custard from head to toe. Her shoes, hair, and face are treated too, just for completeness. Finally, she rolls herself on the custard-coated floor, ensuring that every inch of fabric is soaked with creamy yellow mess.