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Nurse Jasmine's Gravy Train - set gm-f006

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Nurse Jasmine's Gravy Train

Warm, thick, rich gravy, flowing all over a smart uniform dress...

  • Dark blue nurses uniform dress
  • White nurses belt
  • Dark hose
  • White tennis shoes

So, just how will this smart and stylish uniform dress look once it's been totally and utterly drenched in warm gravy? Download this photoset and find out!

Jasmine starts sitting in her white plastic chair, dressed in her smart uniform, with a ladle and a nice big tub of fresh gravy beside her. Starting with her lap, she scoops up ladle after ladle of gunge and pours them onto her costume, first filling her lap till the goo runs over her knees and pours onto her shoes, then standing up, creating a pool of gravy on the seat, and sitting in it, before moving on to pour more gravy both over and inside the top of her dress. Later on she shampoos her hair in the tub of gravy, before picking the whole tub up and pouring the remaining liquid all over herself. She ends up totally and utterly drenched in gravy, inside and out.